Gingerbread Hoth Homage

A few of us at work formed a team for the Great Gingerbread Competition of 2011… below is our interpretation of the Battle of Hoth.  How did we do?  You be the judge!

Gingerbread Hoth Homage – Reddit, 163 votes up!

We made it onto the chive! The Croatia photo is better though…


But I was going to Toshi station to pick up some power converters!

Grappling hook!

At-Ats look like my cocker spaniel.


High G(raham Cracker) turn.


Heroes of Stalingrad

It seems fitting that my last post on the previous iteration of the taco was to announce the arrival of Red Orchestra in 2006.  5 years later, we’ve got a new site and I’m announcing RO version 2.

It’s still using the Unreal 3 engine – though tweaked heavily.  It looks like it might be good for some old fashioned armoured mayhem and Colmain will most certainly sport his MG 34 once again.  Check out some videos and I’ll post a review once its released later this month.

It looks like there will be a Pacific Theatre mod down the road as well.